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EB_yardsign copy.png
Campaign Branding

Erin Bradley was a first time runner for an elected position in the town of Milton. She had a great campaign manager who hired me for the design and branding of her campaign. She also was the first openly gay woman to run for the Select Board in our town. She won!


Client: The Committee to Elect Erin G. Bradley


Skills: Art Direction, Design, Branding, Print process, Social media
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Yard Sign
EB 820x360.png
Meta Banner
Meta Banner
EB Mr. Chan's.png
Meta Banner
8.5 x 11 Bradley .png
Donation stand-alone sign. 8.5 x 11". Used at fundraising events.
EB 6x9_1Mailer.png
1st mailer, 6 x 9", front
EB DM_6x9#2Mailer2.png
1st mailer, 6 x 9", back
EB DM_6x9#2Mailer_edited.jpg
2nd mailer, 6 x 9", front
EB 6x9_1Mailer2.png
2nd mailer, 6 x 9", back
Dear Friend cards, 4.25 x 6", front
Dear Friend cards, 4.25 x 6", back
E.Bradley Palm Card 4x92.png
E.Bradley Palm Card 4x9.png
Palm card, front
Palm card, back
Bradley Door Tag 2022.png
Bradley Door Tag 20222.png
Door hanger, front
Door hanger, back
EB 5x8 Quarter Page Ad.png
Local newspaper ad
E. Bradley Letterhead.png
Official Letterhead
E. Bradley Identity Notes.png
Identity notes
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